Information Research Services Updated: 23 September 1997
              May 1982:
DIGITAL introduces a range of new
personal computers.
              September 1992:
DIGITAL introduces the
DECpc LP series, the company's first internally designed, internally manufactured, industry-compatible PCs.
              September 1994:
DIGITAL introduces the
Celebris family of performance-oriented desktop PCs.
              October 1994:
DIGITAL introduces the Venturis family of desktop PCs for general business use.
              December 1994:
DIGITAL introduces the
HiNote Ultra.
              January 1996:
DIGITAL announces the
Prioris ZX 5133MP superserver.
              November 1996:
DIGITAL unveils the new
Prioris HX 6000 series of 200 MHz Pentium Pro-based application servers.