Information Research Services Updated: 24 November 1997
DIGITAL is the first computer company to connect to the
ARPAnet. The connection is made via a PDP-10.
DIGITAL establishes Internet connectivity. Initial e-mail, FTP archive and USENET news hub are established.
              September 1985:
DIGITAL is the first computer company to register an Internet domain.
DIGITAL creates the first Internet firewall and establishes as a major FTP site on the Internet.
DIGITAL software engineers begin to participate in USENET newsgroups such as comp.sys.dec to provide informal customer support over the Internet.
DIGITAL is the first in the industry to offer an Internet tunnel product.
DIGITAL installs the industry's first commercial Internet firewall.
              DIGITAL logo October 1993:
DIGITAL becomes the the first Fortune 500 company with a corporate website on the internet ( Earlier in the year, DIGITAL established its first departmental web server on the Internet.
The Network Systems Laboratory at DIGITAL built and deployed the State of California Election Server which delivered the first live
election returns over the Internet during a state-wide election.
              December 1995:
DIGITAL introduces
AltaVista, the Internet's first "super spider" software.
              April 1996:
DIGITAL is the first information technology sponsor for the 100th running of the
Boston Marathon.
              May 1996:
At a worldwide customer event broadcast live via Internet audio and video, DIGITAL announces its strategy to accelerate the growth of the
Internet as the environment of choice for cyberworkers.
              July 1996:
DIGITAL becomes the first computer company to operate an Internet Network Access Point (NAP) when it opens the
DIGITAL Internet Exchange in Palo Alto, California.
              February 1997:
DIGITAL AltaVista Internet Software, Inc. announces a major new technology enhancement to the
AltaVista Search service on the World Wide Web.
              March 1997:
DIGITAL announces
Millicent, the first cybercommerce system that will allow millions of users to buy and sell information profitably down to fractions of a cent.
              June 1997:
With more than one million
Microsoft Exchange seats under contract, DIGITAL becomes the world’s leading provider of mail and messaging solutions to large global accounts.
              July 1997:
Mars Landing website provides the world's first live streaming webcast to over 1,000,000 viewers.